Cooling Towers

We supply parts to suit all makes and models for factory assembled and large field erected equipment including Aqua Cool, BAC, Balke Dur, Coolboy, Evapco, Hamon, Kingsun, Lakeside, Lang Chi, Mesan, Marley, Muller, Pritchard, Shinwa, Superchill, Temcel, Trane, Tower Thermal. If we cannot find it, we’ll fabricate it – ANY PART, ANY MANUFACTURER, ANYTIME

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Mechanical engineer measurement of centrifugal pump vibration and electric motor at offshore oil and gas central processing platform, Oil and gas exploration and production in the gulf of Thailand.

Factory assembled or large field erected cooling towers we can supply fan motor, fan shaft, bearings, fan assembly, gear box, couplings, drive shaft, fan stack, mechanical support frame, pulleys, belts, fan guards, drift eliminators, water distribution pipe, nozzles, grommets, pumps, strainers, coils, fill media including high efficiency fill, log clog fill, splash fill, air inlet louvres also known as splash guards, float valves – We can help you with it ALL.

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